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 Robots = T0tal Pwnage

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Robots = T0tal Pwnage Empty
PostSubject: Robots = T0tal Pwnage   Robots = T0tal Pwnage I_icon_minitimeMon Mar 14, 2011 4:35 pm

I personally like robots. All through pop culture history we've seen Robots everywhere; in cartoons, in movies, in tv shows, books, etc. They're awesome and as a die-hard sci-fi fan I've loved them for years. From cyborgs like RoboCop to Transformers, everyone has been a fan of robots in some form or another.

One key example of a bad-ass robot is Bender.

Robots = T0tal Pwnage Bender-smoking

Just look at him--how could you not like him, and what's better? I'll tell you, a GOLDEN Bender!

Robots = T0tal Pwnage 1332746974_0f5237f9ac

Good stuff. Another good example is Gir from Invader Zim--you CANT hate Gir, even if you hate Bender. It's impossible to hate him, I mean come on.

Robots = T0tal Pwnage Gir_dance

For the real geeksters out there, R.O.B. or the Robotic Operating Buddy was a brutally retarded "robotic accessory" that was available for the NES console.

Robots = T0tal Pwnage Rob%20nintendo

There's a retro look at the original ROB advertisement--and another below.

Robots = T0tal Pwnage Tumblr_l7ie9tCjC41qa6wvao1_500

Here's a hilarious video from the Irate Gamer about R.O.B and the NES game "Gyromite".

The Angry Video Game Nerd also has an upcoming R.O.B. the robot series that looks hilarious as well.

These two robots are huge pop culture icons and are well-known by pretty much everyone on the planet Earth (and Tattooine).

Robots = T0tal Pwnage R2-D2-C-3PO-Star-Wars

If those examples weren't enough, there's another great example of why robutts rule--AH'LL BEE BAHCKK. You've guessed it, it's the Governator, erm the Terminator himself--Ahhnold.

Robots = T0tal Pwnage The-terminator-1-1024

Well, as you can see, Robots are totally 1337 and will pwn everything--especially R.O.B. the robot, you can't fuck with the Operating Buddy that's tortured us for decades!

Isn't this smile creepy as hell?
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Robots = T0tal Pwnage
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